Make Your Own Romantic Comedy

Just say no to Romantic Comedies
A date night is a great thing and something that TJ and I try to practice on a regular basis. Most anything goes for things to do when it comes to date night. Sometimes we’ll go see a play, other times we’ll just go for dinner, and other times we’ll just stay at home and watch a romantic comedy.

While romantic comedies (romcom for short) can make for some highly entertaining movies, they also have potential to be pretty damaging to a relationship. Here are a few reasons why I think so:
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HRT: Date Night

When was your last date night?
When was the last time you went on a date? What was it? Was it a movie? Dinner? Did it end with a long walk along the river or beach? Did you take your wife out because you wanted to or because she nagged enough?

There needs to be an element of romance to your relationship. Hence why I am continuing my series on the Husband Romance Toolkit. I want to take some time to talk about the importance of a date night and then give you some tips that have worked for my wife and I.
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Have an affair with your wife

This is one of the bigger ideas in the Husband Romance Toolkit series.

Romance your wife like you're having an affair

A few months ago my wife and I were living in two separate cities. We weren’t separated or anything like that. I was going to school in Portland and she was trying desperately to get down there to start living with me again. During that time, we saw each other a few times a month, other times we saw each other once in six weeks. It was no fun.
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The Husband Romance Toolkit

Romance! We all know how to be romantic for our wives. If we didn’t we probably wouldn’t have ever gotten a first date! Every man knows how to be romantic at least on some level. God has gifted all men with the ability to be romantic and make our ladies feel loved.

So, why is it that romance always seems to go out the window once we get married? Does life just become to hectic? Or do we just get too busy to be romantic? Does work push us so hard that we cannot be romantic? Read on for more thoughts…
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