Romance Toolkit – A Follow Up

I was thinking about Monday’s post and I realized that before I can really delve into what we think about when we think of romance, we need to know what romance is. Is it just a feeling? Is it a romantic moment? Is it just a polite way of saying lust or desire?

Define: Romance

When asking Google to define Romance, it comes up with two version of Romance: a noun and a verb.

Romance - The Thing
Romance - The Action

I really like to think of romance as an action word. I REALLY like the third definition of Romance as a verb; to “Engage in a love affair” – That’s so AWESOME to me. To Engage. To be actively involved in romance.

As husbands, I feel we must constantly engage in romancing our wives. Whether it’s in the little things, like doing the dishes or laundry, or in big ways like taking her on a romantic vacation to the beach. And while DOING things for your wife is great, there are always other aspects to romance: the words you use, how you touch your wife, how you treat her when you come together in the evening. All of these, I feel, are just some ways that I define romance.

Your turn

How do you define romance? Is it something that’s reserved only for the bedroom? Is it something that only happens around candles on a table? What do you think of when you think of romance? Comment and share your thoughts!

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