The Husband Romance Toolkit

Romance! We all know how to be romantic for our wives. If we didn’t we probably wouldn’t have ever gotten a first date! Every man knows how to be romantic at least on some level. God has gifted all men with the ability to be romantic and make our ladies feel loved.

So, why is it that romance always seems to go out the window once we get married? Does life just become to hectic? Or do we just get too busy to be romantic? Does work push us so hard that we cannot be romantic? Read on for more thoughts…
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Welcome to  This is my first post and I am extremely excited for what the future holds!

What exactly is the future?

In looking back over previous attempts at blogging and sharing my experiences with the world, I realized that I never had a focus or a purpose for my blogging.  Through reading of other blogs and sites (Tentblogger in particular), I have started to create a vision for the purpose of this blog:
“This blog is about becoming the man God calls us to be as it relates to being a husband, dedicated Christ-follower, and geek.”

I’m realizing that I want to help people with the words that I write.  I want to help people, husbands in particular, discover who they are meant to be as men of God and as husbands.  I am not proclaiming that I am an expert but I’m hoping that by sharing my experiences and as other people start sharing their experiences we can discover who God is calling us to be.

So what does that look like in a day to day life on the blog?

As a husband and geek, there are a few different pieces of content that you’ll see on this blog.  Mainly you’ll be seeing a lot of posts on learning to be a husband and how it relates to being a follower of Christ.  But occasionally, you will also see some more geeky and technical posts.  I have been working technical support for the past seven years and as such I spend a lot of time being not only technical support at my job but technical support for my home and my family.  I’ll also be sharing some thoughts on more geeky things that I’ve learned and how they can help improve your home.

I want this blog to be as much about me as it is about the people reading this.  So as we go forward, feel free to post your ideas to me either here on the blog, send me an e-mail, or on Twitter.  I am always loving to hear new ideas and thoughts so don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.

Until the next time – Cheers!