The Power of the Pin

Pintrest Logo
Pintrest. I really don’t get it. As much as some people seem to enjoy it, I really don’t get it. I can see how some of the things are cool on there but it just doesn’t do it for me.

TJ loves it however. And I love that she loves it.

The Beauty of Pintrest

The beauty of Pintrest is that it helps me to study my life partner. The things that she pins tells me what she likes and, in some cases, what she aspires to. It’s like a study guide for where she’s at in life and where she wants to go.

For example:
The decorating things that she pins helps me discover what kind of style she’d like our house to have. The activities that she pins help me to come up with some date ideas. The inspirational quotes she sometimes pins show me what she finds inspiring. All of these things help me to study TJ and figure out how to be a better husband to her.

I still don’t have a pintrest account but I check her page regularly for new updates. If, in time, I’m required to get a pintrest account in order to see all of her pins, I will gladly do it. Until that time I’ll just observe from a distance.

Does your wife have a pintrest?
Do you study it?
What have you learned?

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