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Romance! We all know how to be romantic for our wives. If we didn’t we probably wouldn’t have ever gotten a first date! Every man knows how to be romantic at least on some level. God has gifted all men with the ability to be romantic and make our ladies feel loved.

So, why is it that romance always seems to go out the window once we get married? Does life just become to hectic? Or do we just get too busy to be romantic? Does work push us so hard that we cannot be romantic? Read on for more thoughts…

I took my wife out for our first date in a long while today. To be honest, I don’t even know if I’d consider it a date. We just went and saw the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie… and that was all we did. After the movie was over, we went back home. No dinner. No dancing. No mini-golf. Just straight home. Romantic, huh?

It was the first time in weeks, I’d been able to take my wife out on a date. I am currently “too busy” to be super romantic for my wife. And I don’t like it. It needs to change. I need to start spending more time showing my wife that I love her. I need to start pulling ideas out of what I call my Romance Toolkit.

Romance Toolkit

What is a Romance Toolkit, you might be asking yourself? Well. It’s tools I keep in the back of my mind as a way to remind myself about the best ways to love my wife; to let her know she is loved in more ways than just telling her. Some things I keep in my Romance Toolkit include:

  • Writing love notes or poems
  • Chocolate!
  • Flowers
  • Taking her on a date

Along w/ several other things.

This post is the first post in a series about romancing your wife. This series is going to be an ever growing, always changing series about ways you can bring back the romance you had when you were dating. I’m hoping through this series, you’ll gain some new tools that you can add to your Romance Toolkit and help bring that spark back into your marriage; or add more fuel to the fire that’s always been burning.

A Quick Disclaimer

Be forewarned that a lot of the ideas I’m gonna present are gonna be little, simple things that you can do that may mean a whole lot more to her than you realize. Some of them may not be fun, like cleaning up around the house or doing the dishes, but they are well worth it and I know my wife loves it when I do those things for her. She feels loved whenever I do them for her.

Not all ideas are going to be right for every situation, and I make no claims to being an expert on every possible way that you can romance your wife. Feel free to take them and modify them to fit your relationship.

I would love to hear your thoughts or ideas on how you romance your wife. Feel free to share your experiences in the comments section on this post, or feel free to shoot me an e-mail. Check back next Monday for more on the Husband’s Romance Toolkit.


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