The Wife Playlist

I like music. Not as much as others but I find I do my best work whenever I have music playing in the background. I usually get more focused whenever I’ve got music playing in my ears. I even have a Get Motivated playlist on Spotify that helps me stay SUPER focused on the job I’m doing.

Towards the end of tonight, the wife was putting our son down for bed. While she was doing that, I pulled up Google Music on my phone and looked through my playlists. I found the one I wanted and started playing it.

Have you ever noticed how there are certain songs, or music that you just can’t help but thinking about someone? That’s what this playlist is for me. It’s a playlist I made of all of the songs that remind me of my wife.

Some of them are really sappy romance songs, but other songs are songs that just make me think of her because it’s played how she would play it. Or it reminds me of a fun memory we share together.

I am glad I have something like this that can remind me of how great she is. Listening to these songs always remind me of how lucky I am to have my wife. And believe me, there are days when I need to be reminded of that.

So, here is, completely unedited, my Wife Playlist:

  • Dave Matthews Band – Dreamgirl
  • William Fitzsimmons – Goodmorning
  • Switchfoot – This Is Home
  • Bebo Norman – Sunday
  • Brandon Heath – Love Never Fails
  • Bethany Dillon – When You Love Someone
  • Coldplay – Til Kingdom Come
  • Plain White T’s – Hey There Delilah
  • Owl City – The Saltwater Room
  • Matthew West – The Day Before You
  • Chris Rice – When Did You Fall
  • Michael Buble – Everything

As I said before, some of these songs are songs that always make me think of her, some other ones are simply songs that bring back some wonderful memories of time spent together. Some even give me ideas for how to create more memories.

If you haven’t made one already, I highly recommend making some type of a playlist for your wife. Not something to make and then give to her, but as a way to help you remember what a treasure you have in her. If you have made one already, share your thoughts on how it has helped you and your relationship.

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