When You Can’t Fix It

It's hard to not have a band-aid for every situation

There are times when my wife doesn’t feel good or she isn’t happy and I want nothing more than to change her frown into a smile. I want to be her knight in shining armor and come in and rescue her from her bad day. But sadly, I can’t always do that. There are times when her problems are beyond my ability to fix. It’s no fun. I really don’t like it when she’s in a place like that. I don’t like sitting around, doing nothing.

As a husband my immediate reaction is to fix it. I’m a problem solver, I see a problem and I try to fix it. I think, “She isn’t happy. How can I fix this?” But sometimes, she doesn’t want it fixed. My wife has said on several occasions, she doesn’t need her problem fixed, she just needs someone to listen to her. So, I just shut my mouth, turn off the tv or turn away from the computer, and give her my full attention.

There are other times when things can’t be fixed. That’s the worst. When she’s obviously upset and hurting and there’s nothing that can be done. That sense of helplessness sucks… On more than one occasion the only thing I can do is be a comforting ear and a shoulder to cry on. In situations like that, take a moment and say a prayer for your wife and the situation.

Have any experience with this? Share your thoughts? Let’s talk about them in the comments!

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